Santiago Park Construction Update

The next PSNA meeting is TBD.

July 14th Construction Update of Santiago Park…

Currently, about 85 percent of concrete flat work has been completed (walkways, concrete pads for picnic tables, concrete flatwork around the historic Gas House etc.)

Contractor is performing precise grading and compaction work in some areas of the site, while working on formwork and preparing for concrete pouring for proposed planters, amphitheater and staircases.

Concrete finished floor and metal framing roofing installation for the Gas House has been completed.

Trenching and electrical conduits installation for the entire site has been completed.

In addition, contractor is finishing the construction of site lighting pole concrete foundations and getting ready for light fixtures installation.

The project is currently expected to be completed in October 2022. The City of Santa Ana, Public Works Department along with Parks and Recreation is committed to a promptly and successful completion of the project for the enjoyment of the community.

Let’s Beautify Santiago Park!

We have an enormous amount of transient activity in our unique and beautiful park bordering our neighborhood. Let’s come together and make our presence known to increase neighborhood activity and community involvement. Please check NextDoor or here for more information on the groups below.

We ❤️ Santiago Park

We love Santiago Park is a group for anyone who wants to take part or organize events and activities in the park, including group exercise, games, art & park improvements.

Outdoor Yoga at Santiago Park

  • Sunday November 29th, 2020
  • 10AM-11AM
  • Lawn Bowling Center (510 E Memory Lane)
  • Ideal for anyone and everyone, any age and any level
  • Outdoor & Social Distancing will be Maintained
  • Class Donation $5
  • Bring your Yoga Mat, Towel, or Blanket

Friends of The Park

  • Park Planning & Design
  • Park Safety
  • Trail Improvements
  • Park Cleanup
  • Proper Handling of the Transient Issue
  • Install of Irrigation
  • Planting Trees
  • Use of The Nature Center
  • Park Activities

Our main purpose will be to establish groups to address each of the tasks and projects which will accomplish our goals. Such as:

We have a special piece of natural Southern California nestled in the middle of a thriving urban area. With proper care it can become a great place for recreation, community involvement and a place for families to gather, relax and explore our local habitat.

Kick-Off Session Meeting

  • Sunday November 15, 2020
  • 11:15AM
  • Lawn Bowling Center (510 E Memory Lane)
  • Right after Yoga in the Park