Santa Ana’s LAST Orange Grove!

The Sexlinger Orange Orchard Site, a one hundred year old parcel located in northeast Santa Ana, is our city’s last sizeable example (5 acres) of a rich agricultural tradition extending from the 1870’s up to the 1960’s. Help us save this important community landmark from the bulldozer and ensure its preservation as a prime example of living history in which we all can partake and appreciate. See photos after the jump. 

Nick Spain from the Santa Ana nonprofit The Grain Project  addressed the May PSNA general meeting about  the Sexlinger Orchard. This parcel and its historic home on Santa Clara street (next to Portola Park) hosts the last remaining significant orange grove in Santa Ana.  Those interested in helping The Grain Project with their efforts to preserve this grove and house can call 714-542-9392, 714-953-5513, email, or visit

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