Park Santiago’s 4th of July Parade Brings Family & Friends Together

Hundreds of Park Santiago residents marched, rode, and peddled down Park Santiago neighborhood streets with their friends, family, parents and grandparents in the annual 4th of July parade. Parade participants offered candy, waved flags, and wished their fellow neighbors a “Happy 4th of July.”  This year, with the record heat, there were plenty of onlookers including lounging friends and kids splashing around in water slides and sprinklers. Fun was had by both the parade participants and the cheering crowd on the Park Santiago streets. (Slideshow after the jump)

Once again, the parade showcased the creative abilities and enthusiasm of our neighborhood. Floats with kids dressed as our founding fathers complete with wigs made of cotton balls, firework shaped floats, and statue of liberty characters. And let’s not forget all the kids, parents, grandparents and friends who either marched or decorated some sort of vehicle to simply connect with their neighbors, show their community spirit, and just have good time. If you weren’t able to join the parade this year, hopefully we’ll see you next year. It s a great way to say “hello” to old friends you haven’t seen in a while or meet new friends and neighbors here in Park Santiago.  For more photos and OC Register article, please visit:

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