Sept. 7 PSNA Meeting, 7 p.m., Lawn Bowling Clubhouse

The primary focus of the September Park Santiago Neighborhood Association meeting will be a vote on revision of our bylaws. If possible, please download your ballot from the Events page of our website before the meeting. This will give you time to peruse the ballot and make your choices in advance. The first four pages of the ballot contain the text of proposed revisions. The last page is the ballot itself. If possible, please print the ballot page, mark your choices, and bring it to the Sept. 7 meeting. Further instructions are on the ballot.

If you do not have printer access, you may vote on revisions at the Sept. 7 meeting.

Please note that Revisions 22 and 23 were placed on the ballot inadvertently, and while the PSNA Board takes no position on other revisions, we do encourage a “no” vote on 22 and 23.

The agenda for the meeting follows:

  1. Introductions
  2. Vote on bylaws revisions (Béa)
  3. Approve minutes from Aug. meeting (Bobbie and Thomas)
  4. Treasurer’s report (Candice)
  5. Concert in the Park wrap up; and possible vote on whether to donate all or just part of our profits to GHOH (Casey)
  6. Plan Oct. meeting: speaker from SAPD (Teresa)
  7. Revote: purchase/reimbursement of new sandwich boards (Béa)
  8. Logo redesign (Paul, Terry); possible vote
  9. Wording/design/printing for new sandwich boards (Béa)
  10. Committee reports—if anyone from any committee has a report, please share.
  11. Announcements/other

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