Jan. 4 PSNA Meeting Minutes

Weds., Jan. 4, 2011 PSNA Meeting Minutes

7 p.m., Lawn Bowling Clubhouse in Santiago Park


Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by President Paul DePersis.

In attendance: Bobbie Rooker, Paul DePersis, BéaTiritilli, Veronica Armendariz and Kathy McSorley

1)    Introductions

2)    Secretary’s report: determine quorum, approve minutes from November (Béa & Thomas, 5 mins.) As Thomas was absent, there were no minutes to approve. Béa determined quorum was present as three of the four executive board members were present and we presently have no official Quadrant Representatives.

3)    Treasurer’s report (Candice, 5 mins.) Candice was absent

4)    Quadrant Reps: How to proceed

We acknowledged that Mike Simon resigned as secretary last spring, and that Thomas Cartney was elected to replace him. Béa stated that it did not cross her mind at that time to change him on the bank account. As Thomas did not show to this meeting with minutes from November, we reiterated that, at the November meeting, the following people were elected to executive board:

  • Paul DePersis, President
  • Bobbie Rooker, Vice President
  • Béa Tiritilli, Secretary
  • Candice Vance, Treasurer

We further discussed the issue that Quadrant Reps were not elected at the November meeting. We decided that Paul would send an email to all of last year’s QRs, asking them to state whether they wanted to continue as QRs until April, at which point the bylaws will allow us to officially appoint QRs.

5)     Facebook rules (Marty) Tabled as Marty was absent

6)    Plan future meetings and speakers

Ideas and person responsible for contacting possible speakers:

  • Proposed North Santa Ana Community Center: Paul
  • Zoo speaker: Bobbie
  • Historic Preservation Association: Béa
  • Bowers/Kidseum: Paul and Casey
  • Discovery Science Center—expansion? Bobbie
  • Downtown Santa Ana Art Studios: Béa
  • Police officer: Kathy McSorley
  • The Wooden Floor/SJ Ballet: Veronica

Next meeting: March. We will decide future meetings in March, based on speaker availability.

7)    Committee reports (all, 15 mins.)

– Traffic: Bobbie said Isabelle got an email from Monica Suter. The paperwork for the next portion of the Quiet Zone has been submitted.

– Community watch: Teresa was absent.

– Communications, including e-news: Casey was absent

– Hoover linkage: Bobbie said school upgrading is in progress

– Hospitality: Casey was absent, but Paul said the Concert in Park has been planned for late August and Progressive Dinner is being planned for this spring

– Elections and bylaws: Béa will post new Bylaws to website soon.

– Newsletter: We need to publish one before the next event (Easter) which means we need to publish a newsletter by mid March. If published quarterly after that, we are looking at additional newsletters in or near June and September

– Santiago Park: Several neighbors got together this fall and worked with city park officials toward obtaining a grant to improve landscaping in our park.

– Website: Béa and Terri Gonzalez continue to administer it. Anyone else who wants to co-administer can contact them for password info.

– Budget: Candice was absent

9) Announcements/other

Sign printing: Paul and Bobbie said we should keep it simple: Perhaps a color logo, but black & white wording otherwise. Paul will contact Marcos to get it done.

Minutes were read back as they were written and were approved as we adjourned the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.

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