Santa Ana People’s Garden Reps to Speak Dec. 5

Weds., Dec. 5 Park Santiago Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda DRAFT
7 p.m., Lawn Bowling Clubhouse

1. Introductions (2 mins.)
2. Secretary’s report: determine quorum, approve minutes from last two meetings (Béa, 5 mins.)
3. Treasurer’s report (Candice, 5 mins.)
4. Committee reports (all, 2 mins. each) If anyone from any committee has a report, please share. Committees include:
• Traffic
• Community Watch
• Communications, including e-news; and Newsletter and Website committees
• Hoover linkage
• Hospitality
• Elections and bylaws
• Santiago Park
• Budget
5. Election of Quadrant Reps.
6. Set date to add new signers to bank account
7. Announcements/other (3 mins.)
8. Next meeting: Feb. 6, 2013. Possible guest speakers include OCTA reps or our new City Council representative.
9. Guest speakers: Ria Vigil & Brian Maddock from the Santa Ana People’s Garden (located behind First Congregational Church in our neighborhood).

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