Weds, June 5th – PSNA Meeting at 7pm

Weds., June 5, Park Santiago Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda

7 p.m., Lawn Bowling Clubhouse


1.  Introductions (2 mins.)

2.  Secretary’s report: determine quorum, approve minutes from last meeting (Béa, 5 mins.)

3.  Treasurer’s report (Bill, five minutes); and reimbursements for receipts of less than $25

4.  Approve Concert in the Park Budget (Casey, 5 mins.)

5.  Approve meeting signs for June (and perhaps future signs) (Casey, 3 mins.)

6.  Approve July 4th Parade budget (Béa, 5 min.)

7.  Plan next meeting Aug. 7 (all, 5 min.)

8.  Committee reports (all, 2 mins. each). If anyone from any committee has a report, please share. Committees include:


Community Watch

Communications, including e-news; and Newsletter and Website committees

Hoover linkage


Elections and bylaws

Santiago Park


9. Announcements/other (3 mins.)

10. Guest speakers (up to 15 mins. each):

  • Sgt. Jeff Smith, SAPD Mounted Unit (Horse Patrol), will speak about park issues
  • SAPD Deputy Chief of Police Doug McGeachy will address neighborhood crime concerns
  • Manuel Chavez, Interim Police Lieutenant / Adjutant to the Chief of Police, will discuss traffic issues in our neighborhood
  • Neighborhood Watch Rep. Thomas Gordon will discuss how to improve PSNA’s Community Watch program.




Weds., May 1, 2013, Park Santiago Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes


Meeting began at 7:05 

1.  Introductions

2.  Secretary’s report: Quorum established as three executive board members (Bea, Bobbie, Paul) and four Quad Reps (Karen, Anastacio, Scott and Patty; and Veronica showed later) were present; minutes approved unanimously.

3.  Treasurer’s report (Candice absent) report read by Paul:

• Balance last statement 3/31/13: $5374.48

• Receivables

– Dues: $ 75.00

• Disbursements

– Mail box renewal: $ 54.00

• Total cash on hand as of May 1, 2013: $5395.48

4.  Nominations for new treasurer: Bill Bonnett was nominated and elected unanimously

5.  Plan next meeting June 5: Guest speaker ideas included Thomas Gordon, Neighborhood Watch Outreach/Contact:  and Police patrol speaking on neighborhood speeding and traffic problems, especially on Santa Clara

–       Consensus was that we will have police come out to discuss various issues next month. Casey will be the contact.

6.  Committee reports:

Traffic: Bobbie reported that there won’t be a stop sign at French and Santa Clara

Community Watch: More tickets around Hoover—Teresa left written report; Scott Kutner said the city’s police dept. is rebooting the Comm. Watch program citywide. The city wants at least ten neighbors to join the Comm. Watch.

Communications, including e-news; and Newsletter and Website committees: Casey said a new volunteer has joined; more volunteers needed

Hoover linkage: No report

Hospitality: Casey said CITP is being planned for Aug. 24; more support is needed to plan events; budget will go out via email

Elections and bylaws: no report

Santiago Park: Gerald Tiritilli said ours is the only park in the city that closes at dusk, not 10 p.m. This is infringing on neighbors who want to use the park recreationally (dog walking, etc.) and he wants the neighborhood to write a letter asking the police to allow lawful access after dusk. We will need to address this on next month’s agenda. Let’s get a police officer to address the issue. Lewis Wood would like to help create a survey on the issue of park hours. Bobbie said LBC pancake breakfast has been postponed.

Budget: Treasurer absent

7. Announcements/other: none

8. Guest speakers:

• The 301 Development at City Place: Sergio Klotz from the Santa Ana Planning Department; and Bob Bisno and Ryan Ogulnick from Vineyards Development Corp. spoke about the proposed apartments. Sergio said different development agencies are reviewing it. We’re still in early stages of process. Bob said the originally planned high-rise is not viable in today’s economy. He said the 301 apartments are luxury homes expected to attract “yuppie” families who can afford more than $1,800 or more per month rent. He said the architect is a modernist who has created “sculptures.” Amenities include pool, community room, gym, business center, etc. It will meet current LEED “green” building standards. A traffic study is being done to determine what improvements, if any, are needed. At the very least, Lawson will be repaved. Various other comments and questions were taken from the audience, including complaints about the lack of aesthetics of the design. Sergio said traffic and other concerns still need to be assessed by the city. He said the Santa Ana City website has a link to the project.

• Proposal to remove the carpool on- and off-ramps at I-5 and Edgewood: Monica Suter from the City’s Public Works Agency introduced William Galvez, new city engineer, along with Dennis Mak, Julie Pulido, and other representatives from OCTA, CalTrans and the I-5 project. Right now, Dennis said, we’re in the environmental planning stages. A public hearing date is TBD, sometime in late 2013. I-5 expansion options include:

no build; add a second carpool lane while removing carpool on- and off-ramps at Main St.; removing on- an off-ramps at First St. He said the HOV ramps need removal to enhance safety and other traffic concerns. Suggestions from neighbors included improved on- and off-ramps on the non-HOV lanes; improved safety, like speed bumps, on existing HOV off ramp; and improving the “Orange Crush” leading toward the project area. Our concerns can be addressed during the public-comment period.

            Meeting ended at 9:03 p.m. with a raffle.



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