Park Santiago Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes, February 4th 2015

Weds., Feb. 4, 2015
Park Santiago Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes (draft)
7 p.m., Lawn Bowling Clubhouse
1.    Introductions
In attendance: Michael O. (President); Jim R. (VP) Béa T. (Sec.), Bill B. (Treasurer); and the following Quad. Reps: Kathy McS., Rick M., Debra H., NE;  Paul L., NE; Bobbie R., SW; Rick M, SW; Patty M., NW; Veronica A.;
2.  Secretary’s report: Quorum was met. November minutes were approved unanimously
3.  Treasurer’s report (Bill): Began with $4,900; disbursements included newsletter fees; current amount in bank is about  $4,550.
4.  Committee reports. If anyone from any committee has a report, please share. Committees include:
·      Traffic (see agenda item 8 below)
·      Community Watch: Rick Martinez volunteered to take over. Béa said she’d put him in touch with our old CW leader
·      Communications, including e-news, Newsletter, and Website: Mike and Béa gave updates
·      Hoover linkage: Bobbie said things are going well there
·      Hospitality (including funds request for Easter Event-Sarah K.): Reservation needed ASAP. $300 approved unanimously. Bill said he and his wife will help volunteer.  Michael said he would be willing to help organize a Concert in the Park this year.  Christine Denny-Helvig may organize a progressive dinner this fall. Béa will be in touch.
·      Santiago Park – Back to Natives continues to expand the nursery in the park
·      Budget
·      Elections and bylaws
5 .  Announcements/other:
– First Congregation has a craft boutique planned in March.
– Scott Kutner said his office is available to help us with our needs. He’ll keep us abreast of the new medical center planned for 17th& Lincoln. A Grade separation may also be happening at the railroad tracks at that point (17th would go under the tracks) Expanse of Town & Country Senior center has been approved.  New Retail may be coming to 17th & Grande. He will be in contact with Michael O. to plan to speak at a future meeting
– A neighbor talked about the 4th St. Market and the bakery attached to the Playground, which is giving out free bakery samples with drink purchase
6.  Discussion: graffiti issues (Paul Lujan): He’s concerned about graffiti near railroad tracks. There is a graffiti app now, or you can call the graffiti hotline. Paul will give the app info to Béa to pass on to Sarah.
7.  Update: Transformer fires and power outages (Dolores Aguilar) – Dolores was absent, but Paul shared her concerns. There have been two fires/transformer issues this winter in the Northeast part of the neighborhood. Paul and Dolores are looking into specifics about why this is happening.
8.  Solutions to traffic issues (Kathy McSorley and Traffic Committee). Kathy said a committee has met with city officials to discuss solutions. We will put a neighborhood survey out in the next newsletter. Neighbors can deliver it to quad reps or the PO Box. Mary Maduena also said we could drop off surveys with her at 405 Virginia. Our discussion included the following:
·      A neighbor asked if the survey could be done electronically, not just via paper.
·      The proposed survey was read at the meeting.
·      Béa asked if addresses could be added to survey.
·      We discussed whether specific issues (speed humps, traffic diverters, etc.) should be included on the survey. We decided that was premature, and should be on a future survey if we determine a problem exists. 
·      An introduction should be added to the survey explaining its purpose.
·      Béa and Kathy will send final proposed survey draft to PSNA Board for approval prior to newsletter and e-distribution

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