Park Santiago Meeting Minutes Weds., April 1, 2015 (Draft)

Weds., April 1, 2015
Park Santiago Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes (Draft)
7 p.m., Lawn Bowling Clubhouse
1.    Introductions: All four ex. board members present, plus the following QRs: Delores, Deborah, Kathy, Patty, Bobbie, Rick
2.    Secretary’s report: (Béa) Quorum determined, minutes from Feb. passed unanimously
3.    Treasurer’s report (Bill)- Beginning balance:  $4,509.11 Deposits: $45 Checks cleared: $65.00 Current balance: $4,489.11
4.    Committee reports. If anyone from any committee has a report, please share. Committees include:
·      Traffic (see agenda item 7 below)
·      Community Watch: Rick will be in touch with Teresa S. to take over.
·      Communications, including e-news, Newsletter, and Website (see agenda item 6)
·      Hoover linkage: Bobbie said the principal is stepping down.
·      Hospitality: Christine Helvig wants to organize a progressive dinner. Béa T. will organize July 4 parade again. Mike O. may organize CITP.
·      Santiago Park: The trail will be redone at some point.
·      Budget: We don’t have enough to do CITP this year unless we can raise funds for it, Bill said.
·      Elections and bylaws
5.    Announcements/other
·      Ask for MBH nominations on Facebook, website, Nextdoor; Bill will take charge of organizing nominations
·      Neighborhood Hero: Individuals can nominate; Bobbie nominated Casey DePersis. Motion passed unanimously.
·      Dumpster: Michael will contact Casey and try to organize something before the end of June
·      Bobbie would like someone from the Historic Society to come speak at our June meeting. Bobbie will organize Mark McLoughlin to come speak.
6.    Newsletter needs more distributors. Rick Martinez has agreed to fill in as needed to take over for distributers no longer volunteering. We need to let Denise know that Rick can handle them all as needed. A woman on the 2500 block of north Santiago said she hasn’t gotten her newsletter in two years. We voted nearly unanimously to let Rick take over distribution (Rick abstained, one person voted against). Bobbie suggested the printer package them in bundles of 200. Patty suggested we add a donation form to each newsletter.
7.     Traffic survey and solutions to traffic issues (Kathy McSorley and Traffic Committee) – City added striping on Virginia to slow down traffic. City will be adding a temporary traffic circle at French& Santa Clara (which the neighborhood can choose to vote to remove if they don’t like it).

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