June 3, 2015 Meeting Notes (Draft)

Weds., June 3, 2015
Park Santiago Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes (Draft)
7 p.m., Lawn Bowling Clubhouse

1. Introductions
2. Secretary’s report (Béa): quorum determined after about 7:30 when we had five QRs present (Veronica, Debbie, Marta, Rick, Bobbie) and three ex. board members (Michael, Béa, Bill). We approved minutes from April meeting unanimously.
3. Treasurer’s report (Bill) – We have received advertising revenue for our newsletter, and had to pay the cost to print the newsletter, plus reimbursements for the Easter party and other minor expenses. Beginning balance $4,489.11; ended balance $4,418.54
4. Committee reports. If anyone from any committee has a report, please share. Committees include:
· Traffic (see agenda item 7 below)
· Community Watch – Rick could not get in touch with Teresa **
· Communications, including e-news, Newsletter, and Website – It’s all continuing to happen
· Hoover linkage – Bobbie said Hoover is getting a new principal
· Hospitality (including upcoming July 4 Parade and possible Concert in Park) – $300 approved for July 4 parade unanimously. Bill nominated his wife to help organize. Christine Denny-Helvig is organizing progressive dinner and looking for volunteers. Concert likely won’t happen this year. $300 approved unanimously for prog. dinner.
· Santiago Park – no report
· Budget – see treas. report
· Elections and bylaws – no report
5. Announcements (including death of a neighbor)/other. Two neighbors were spoken about: a neighbor named Brian, and former Quad Rep Beverly Schick.
6. Updates: Most Beautiful homes; Neighborhood Hero, dumpsters. Bill handled MBH award and sent submissions to city, focusing nominees on drought-tolerant yards. NH award was not carried out. Dumpster Day has been scheduled for June 6.
7. Update: Traffic survey and solutions to traffic issues (Kathy McSorley and Traffic Committee). Kathy was absent. Francisco Orellana, City of Santa Ana Senior Engineer,* spoke about the hows and whys of traffic changes in PSNA. He said as to the traffic circle: if we vote for it, he will pursue funding to put a landscaped traffic circle in its place. Normally, he said, “we keep things up for six months to a year” to test them. He needs time to see how it works while school is in session. He said it could be out by July or August. Several neighbors voiced concerns.
8. Guest speaker: Mark McLoughlin spoke about Santa Ana College’s Centennial Celebration; and the Santa Ana Historic Registry and Mills Act Agreements. He said any ranch home over 50 years old that meets certain criteria qualifies for historic registry. The price to register a historic home can sometimes cost thousands of dollars but can reduce tax bills significantly. Once registered, no significant architectural changes can be made; and low property taxes are transferable to next owner. To get on the registry, contact *** Hally S.
He next spoke about the SAC Centennial. SAC is the 4th-oldest college in California, and started on the site of SAHS. Numbers are up to 60,000. A huge celebration is planned on campus Sept. 19. March of 2016 there will be an open house to showcase the campus’s next 100 years.

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