Park Santiago Neighborhood Agenda

PSNA Meeting Agenda for Weds., Aug. 2nd 7 p.m., Lawn Bowling Clubhouse (Valencia St. at Santiago Park)

  1. Introductions
    1. Roll Call taken
  2. Secretary’s report:
    1. June Meeting Minutes: Needs approval today
  3. Treasurer’s report: (Bill):
    1. Any changes in PSNA account
  4. Committee reports:
  • Traffic
  • Community Watch
  • Communications, including e-news; and Newsletter and Website committees
    • Newsletter: Silvia, Park Santiago resident, completed July newsletter. Looking for articles for September newsletter. Will be placing list of PSNA board members on this article.
    • Boards/Signs: Michelle O’Valle, Silvia and Dolores have been placing them on streets before meeting. Keep them out for Progressive dinner.
    • Website: Our website is
  • Hoover linkage
  • Hospitality
  • July 4th Parade
  • Walking Group: Looking for a way to get more people to join. Last walking group was Thursday July 27ht.
  • Progressive Dinner: Saturday September 16th at 5 pm. Looking for two houses.
  • Elections and bylaws
  • Santiago Park
  • Mounted police
  • Homeless
  • Budget
  1. Next meeting: ______________
  2. Announcements/other
  3. Speakers: Lawn Bowling Club representative; Councilmen Juan Villegas

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