Revised August 2018

Park Santiago Neighborhood Association (PSNA)

To preserve and enhance the integrity and quality of the neighborhood. Develop community unity and communication among neighbors.  Act as a communications vehicle to represent the neighborhood to government agencies, organizations and businesses.

Park Santiago boundaries are marked by Santiago Park on the north, Lincoln Street on the east, Seventeenth Street on the south, and the Santa Ana Freeway (I-5) and Main Street on the west.

Membership in PSNA is open to any resident within the area boundaries. Commercial enterprises within the boundaries may attend General Board or PSNA meetings but do not have voting privileges.

The Executive Board is elected by a majority vote cast by PSNA membership present for the election.  PSNA Executive Board is the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The Executive Board shall call meetings, set agendas, oversee committees, delegate responsibilities, coordinate communication, and serve as point of contact with government agencies, businesses and organizations. The Executive Board members are voting members.

General Board is the elected Quadrant Reps (three from each quadrant of the neighborhood).  PSNA quadrants are defined by Santa Clara (North and South Quadrants) and Santiago (East and West Quadrants).  Quadrants shall be called NE, NW, SE, and SW respectively.  Quadrant reps are elected by, and must reside in, the Quadrant they represent. The General Board is voting members.

The President presides over the Executive Board, General Board and PSNA meetings. The President is the official point of contact.  The President is responsible for coordinating publications of schedules and events with all neighborhood media sources, such as the newsletter editor, web master, and electronic-news editor.

The Vice President performs all duties of the President if the President is absent or resigns.  Should attend monthly Comm-Link meetings or select an alternate board member to do so.

The Secretary maintains the PSNA records, committee lists and chair, and minutes and agendas of all meetings; takes roll, determines voting eligibility and if Quorum is present.

The Treasurer maintains the financial records, prepares the financial reports and keeps the Executive Board, General Board, and PSNA apprised of PSNA finances.

The Quadrant Reps will act as collection sites for any neighborhood survey/poll.  Will organize communications in their Quadrant.  They are voting members of the Board.

The term of office for board members shall be one year.  Term shall begin and end January 1.  See ARTICLE XIX, EXECUTIVE OR GENERAL BOARD REPLACEMENT in the event that there is a vacancy of a board member.


Section 1: Elections
The facilitators of the election will consist of two or more non-running members who agree to facilitate at the annual election.

Section 2:  Qualifications
1. To run for an office or quad rep, the candidate must reside in Park Santiago.

2. To run for President, the candidate must have previously held a committee chair or other office in the PSNA.

Section 3: Voting
1. There shall be one vote per household. Commercial properties are excluded from voting.

2. The election shall be held before the end of November and advertised at least one month in advance by electronic or print newsletter, website, sandwich boards or other media.

Section 4: Transfer to New Board:
Between the November election and January 1, the prior year board and recently elected board should turn over documents, change addresses with the city, change bank signatures, if required, and transfer all related records for each office.

The Board establishes the standing committees. Committees may be established or dissolved by the Executive Board.  Each committee is presided over by a committee chairperson.

Budget Committee:  Shall prepare or review the yearly budget for Board Approval.

Community Preservation Committee:  Shall act as the liaison to the city’s code enforcement division to maintain the integrity and character of the neighborhood.

Media Communications Committee:  Includes a Web Master who will maintain website with up-to-date and pertinent information; an electronic-news coordinator who will send out pertinent email updates between print newsletters; and volunteers who will coordinate any other reasonable method of neighborhood communication, such as a Facebook page and sandwich boards.

Community Watch Committee:  Coordinates neighborhood-wide efforts to inform and participate in Neighborhood watch and C.O.P. programs with regard to life and safety issues.  Serves as the official liaison between PSNA and the local police sub-station.

Hoover Linkage Committee:  Serves as liaison officer with Hoover Elementary School.  This committee addresses and spearheads school concerns. The committee also coordinates and solicits volunteer support from the neighborhood regarding school and PTA needs.

Hospitality Committee:  Welcomes new and returning neighbors to our neighborhood, plans social events, provides for refreshments at PSNA meetings, and coordinates with other Committees regarding specific hospitality needs.

Election & By-Laws Committee:  Maintains membership rosters, organizes and oversees the declaration and election of members to the General Board, annually reviews the by-laws making recommendations to the General Board.  Works closely with the Communication Committee to encourage neighborhood participation and representation.

Newsletter Committee: Editor develops newsletters and flyers as directed by the General Board on an as-needed basis.  Publishes newsletters up to four times a year or as needed.  Coordinates with and solicits articles from the General Board and all committee chairs.  Coordinates delivery of newsletters and flyers.

Santiago Park Committee:  Develops short and long‑term planning goals and strategies for enhancement of the park.  Works with governing agencies, local groups and other partners to help reinvigorate the park.

Traffic & Development Committee:  Serves to review traffic and development related issues and make recommendations for action. Keeps the General Board apprised of all development that may impact the neighborhood.  Works with all agencies to mitigate all development concerns in favor of the neighborhood goals.  Should attend ETAC meetings.

Parliamentarian Committee:  The immediate past president or an appointed designee by the President whose duty is to make sure the meeting is conducted smoothly and efficiently.

PSNA is a non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation and as such, donations made to the PSNA are tax deductible.  There are no dues but voluntary donations are graciously accepted.

The PSNA funds shall be maintained in a local bank account in the name of the Park Santiago Neighborhood Association.  The President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be co signatories to the bank account.  The General Board and Budget Committee will develop a budget.

General meeting of the PSNA will be held a minimum of twice a year and as needed as determined by the General Board.  PSNA meetings will be announced in the neighborhood newsletters and via any forms of communication used by the Media Communications Committee.

General Board meetings shall be held at least every other month beginning in January and publicized via newsletter and/or Media Communications Committee.  Neighborhood residents are welcome to observe.  Voting in the General Board meetings is restricted to the elected officers and quadrant reps.

Executive Board meetings will be held on an as needed basis by the officers in order to organize, plan and prepare for General Board and Association meetings and to resolve conflicts that may arise between committees or among committee members.  Robert’s Rules of order will be used as a guide for conducting meetings.  Consensus and compromise will be the guiding principles of our conflict resolution process.

PSNA is a non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation and as such, donations made to the PSNA are tax deductible.

PSNA will not distribute gains, profits, or dividends to the members, profits, or dividends to the members thereof, and no part of its net earnings shall inure to the benefit of any private individual or any member thereof.  If the Park Santiago Neighborhood Association ceases to exist, all assets revert to a not for profit organization as recommended by the PSNA Board and ratified by the neighborhood association.

Section 1:

Proposed amendments, additions, deletions or other changes to the PSNA by-laws shall be processed through the Election & By-Laws committee.  The proposed changes then go to the Executive Board, where they may be modified in debate.  Each change must be approved by at least 3 Executive Board members.

Section 2:
Copies of the amendment will be prepared showing any “deleted” text as “lined through” but still readable and the “new” text shown should be clearly identifiable by change bars with either color or italic text.

Section 3:
The General Board will review, accept or reject each amendment by a 2/3 vote of the eligible voters.

Section 4:
Proposed changes must be made available to the PSNA membership 45 days prior to a general neighborhood meeting where they will be “ratified” by the whole association.  At that time, ALL approved changes take effect.

Section 1:

If a quorum is not reached, NO ASSOCIATION business can be conducted.  The acceptable motion is to “adjourn to the next scheduled meeting.”  Under exceptional circumstances when there is an urgent need, quorum may be established, and a vote taken via electronic media.

Section 2: Executive Board

Two current Executive Board members must be present.  The Secretary or a General Board member must be present to take minutes.  “Current” is defined as any Executive Board member who has not missed two or more consecutive general board meetings.

Section 3: General Board

50% of all current Quad Reps must be present.  “Current ” is defined as any Quad Rep who has not missed two or more consecutive board meetings.  Quad Reps who cannot be present may send an alternate of their choice up to twice per year. The alternate must reside in their quad and be at least 18 years of age. The Quad Rep must inform all Executive Board members in writing (such as by text or email) about their choice of alternate at least one hour prior to the meeting.

Section 4: Association General Meeting

Those present at the meeting provided that notice of the meeting was given by newsletter, hand‑delivered flyer, or reasonable electronic means 14 days before the meeting date to all residents.

Sequence if there is a vacancy in an office

President (MUST be replaced)
1.  Vice President assumes office of President. Re-enter this procedure for “Vice President”

2.  If on or before April 1 hold special election.

Vice President (MAY be replaced)
1.  If on or before April 1 hold special election.

2.  DO NOT replace – all affected quorums reduced by one.

Secretary/Treasurer (MUST be replaced)
1.  If on or before April 1 hold Special election

2.  Next highest votes

3.  Executive Board chooses (resigning member may vote)

4.  If deadlock—General Board chooses.

Quadrant Rep (MAY be replaced)
1.  Next highest votes.

2.  If on or before April I hold Special election.

3.  General Board chooses.

4.  DO NOT replace—all affected quorums reduced by one.

In case of executive board deadlock, the following can be used to resolve it:

1. Hold special General Board Meeting for the purpose of resolving the issue. Would require 2/3 of “eligible” votes to break deadlock.

Revision 0: Adopted September 28, 1994
Revision 1: Ratified at Park Santiago Neighborhood Association General Meetings of Sept. 7, 2011, and Nov. 2, 2018