Save the Date

Park Santiago Progressive Dinner

Saturday, October 1st @ 5 pm

Bring: $5 per person (adult-only event) and an assigned potluck dish to feed 10 people.

Attendees will travel between three Park Santiago homes to enjoy appetizers, main courses and desserts.


by Friday, September 16th.

Leave a message containing the name of everyone in your group attending, your address and a phone num-ber. Space is limited so don’t wait to RSVP! A packet with all the needed information will be delivered to your home a week before the event.

FAQ information:


Raffle Donations Needed for Park Santiago 2016 Progressive Dinner!

Last year’s raffle was a GREAT SUCCESS…so we’re doing it again at this year’s Progressive Dinner on 10/1/16!  We use the money raised for future PSNA expenses (4th of July, etc. events).

Please let us know if you can make a donation by sending us an email at

We’ll need:

  • Name
  • Contact information:  email address and phone number
  • Donation description
  • Pick up/delivery information:  Items must be provided no later than 9/25/16.  Arrangements to be made via separate email.

Park Santiago Neighborhood Association

Progressive Dinner Signup FAQ

  1. What is a Progressive Dinner?
    1. A Progressive Dinner is a fun and relaxing dinner where you travel from home to home in the neighborhood for each course. It is a time for joining your friends and meeting new friends from the neighborhood. We have 3 courses at the PSNA Progressive Dinner: Appetizers, Main Course, and Dessert. Three homeowners will open their homes to us, one for each course.
    2. People bring an assigned course to serve 10.
    3. The cost per person is $5.
  2. How do we know which home is for which course?
    1. You will be provided with a map of the houses and their course in your registration packet after you RSVP.
  3. How do we get from house to house?
    1. Although we encourage walking with your friends (new and old) from home to home, you are also welcome to drive, bike, etc.
  4. Why is this an “adult only” event?
    1. This event provides a relaxing environment for adults where no one has to watch over their or other children to ensure their safety. Pool environments, driveway gates, etc. will be open for all to wander around…which means they will not be secure enough for children to be present. We apologize, but no exceptions can be made.
  5. When do I sign up?
    1. Now! You have until Wednesday, September 16th to sign up. Please RSVP quickly as space is limited!
  6. How do I sign up?
    1. RSVP to Your email must contain:
      1. Names of all guests in your party
      2. Your address and phone number.
  7. How do I pay the $5 entry fee?
    1. You pay when you arrive at the first home. That should be the appetizer home. If you cannot make it for the appetizer course, you can pay at the main course home.
    2. Attending fewer than the 3 courses does not allow you to pay less than the $5 entry fee per person.
  8. What is in the registration packet and when do I get it?
    1. The registration packet contains:
      1. Date/time of the event,
      2. Your assigned dish, the house where you need to deliver your dish, and by when it needs to be delivered (so that host/hostess homeowners have enough time to set things up and go to the other homes also!)
      3. A map showing all the progressive dinner host homes and start times for each course.
      4. One raffle ticket per guest and information regarding the purchase of additional raffle tickets. The raffle will be held at the dessert home and the winner must be present.
      5. Progressive Dinner committee phone contact information.
    2. You will get your packets the week before the event so you have time enough to prepare.
  9. Why are courses assigned?
    1. Courses are assigned so that we have enough food for each course based upon the total number of people coming. For example, if everyone brings an appetizer we won’t have anything for the main course or dessert homes. We assign appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts, but not specific recipes/dishes within these categories. Each should serve 10.
    2. If you have more than 2 people in your party, you may be asked to a second dish. This is to ensure that we have enough food for everyone.
  10. Does food have to be homemade?
    1. Although homemade food is fun, let’s face it…some people don’t have the time or the inclination to cook! Homemade food is not a requirement. Just bring something you like!
  11. Does PSNA provide anything?
    1. PSNA provides dishes, plastic ware, cups (for cold and warm drinks), tables, chairs, table cloths, cold (water) and hot (coffee/tea/hot chocolate) drinks.
  12. Raffle Prizes
    1. We need raffle prize donations to keep down our costs and raise money for other PSNA events! If you would like to donate something, please send an email to with your name, contact phone number, and the prize you would like to donate. Thanks for the help!
  13. What if I need to cancel?
    1. Please, please, please do whatever possible to avoid canceling. It is not just you who will not be coming…it is also your dish…and that impacts everyone attending! We do understand that sometimes “things happen”. Please call the Progressive Dinner Committee phone number provided in your registration packet as soon as possible, let us know you will not be coming, and what dish you were assigned.
  14. What if I have additional questions?
    1. Please email all questions to . We will get back to you as soon as we can.
    2. If you have questions after you receive your registration packet, you may also call the phone number provided in the packet materials.