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Sign the Petition for a Bike Trail in Santiago Creek!

For decades it has been a goal to establish a continuous bike trail from Santiago Oaks Park to connect with the Santa Ana River Trail in the city of Santa Ana, a distance of 9.7 trail miles. With the recent completion of 8.5 trail miles by the city of Orange, this is one section needed to complete the entire trail located in Santa Ana. This “missing link” is the quarter-mile gap located in Santa Ana, in the Santiago Creek, between the I-5 Freeway and Fisher Park. This area, currently a repository for trash and graffiti as well as a haven for vagrancy, is very difficult to monitor and police. A paved bike trail will remedy much of this by providing public use and police access in addition to completing this important regional trail.  For more information,go to: http://www.neighbors4trail.org


The video below show pictures form Santiago Creek Bike Trail (on its eastern edges), to where it dead-ends in Floral Park.

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